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Magic Kinder App

The Magic-kinder app is an innovative, original application launched by Ferrero across the world,  created for smartphones and tablets, IOs and Android. 

The Magic Kinder APP has numerous themed channels containing a vast array of exclusive content, which were developed considering the needs and wishes of parents and providing another opportunity of being together as a family, in a safe environment where kids can play and learn.

The all original content, ranges from interactive stories to educational games, from fun “draw and colour” to downloadable paper toys, to video documentaries designed to stimulate kids' happy growth, in the spirit of the Kinder brand tradition. 

What we did: App and website promotion: digital landscape analysis and promotion opportunity suggestions for mobile app and website. SEO, SEM and web analytics.

Check it out on www.magic-kinder.com or download the app from the App Store or Google Play